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Use the fields below to search for Enforcement Cases.


1) Not every field needs to be filled in. Just fill out the details you want to search for, and hit Search.

2) Record Number looks like - 16CE-0000. If you submitted a case online, it should have been provided on the last page.

3) There is a From and To field for Street No in case you want to search for a range. If you want to just search for one address, just fill out the From field.

4) Results will be listed in a table at the bottom of this page. Click on the Record Number of a case to see more detail.

5) This program does not use street names such as Church, Postoffice, Market, Mechanic, etc. These streets can be found by their original name, such as Ave C, Ave D, Ave E, etc.

6) To view Enforcement Cases on a map, click here.

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